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thomas sheridan

I’m an eighteenth-centuryist. Born in London, based in Ireland, fixated by Canada.

Oh, and versions of me exist here:

And here:

  1. Very cool! I am an admirer of Mr. Pope and all things eighteenth-century. Fond of Canada, and fixated by Ireland…

  2. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is a pay it forward thing where winners write about other blogs they enjoy. The award is intended to be an honor, not a burden, so if you do not have time, no worries! Just bask in the knowledge that you’re pretty cool in my eyes. To see the nice stuff I wrote about you, go to

  3. Very kind of you to say such things… and as soon as I find time, I full intend to “pay it forward”. May I say how much I also enjoy reading your blogs – you are an eloquent celebrant of the more sophisticated sensual pleasures this world affords and you deserve to be read widely.

  4. I hugely enjoyed the Robb Wilton post. Found it as am writing a novel set in the war and wanted just to find out when the first ‘The Day War Broke Out…’ was actually broadcast. Your reflections on Wilton – and that war and your dad – are a joy. Thanks.

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