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50 Years of “All You Need is Love”. And what have we done about it eh?

June 25, 2018

Actually 51 years now…


all you need is love.

Yes, it’s now 50 years exactly, since “All You Need is Love” was first broadcast as the culmination of the the “Our World” experimental global television broadcast.

Courage was involved.  A band that hadn’t performed live for nearly a year was to premiere an entirely new song for 400 million people – more people in more places than had ever watched television together before.  For them to play properly and still look like they were having fun was a feat of heroic proportions.

As a song, “All You Need is Love” has its detractors.  Ian Macdonald goes full grumpy Adorno on it, regarding it as poorly conceived and simplistic.  He’s also grumpy about “Let it Be” and “Across the Universe”, incidentally.  I love all three – but what do I know?

In fact I’ve always loved this song.  I can’t remember ever not knowing it – can’t remember consciously hearing…

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