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Maynooth Educate Together National School.   A (very) short history…

August 31, 2017


Maynooth Educate Together National School is celebrating its tenth year, which means that the Junior Infants joining us this year are our tenth intake, the tenth cohort of children it has been our privilege to welcome.

To celebrate this event, throughout the coming year we will be hosting events to mark this occasion.  We will be looking forward as well as backwards and thinking about how future generations of children will benefit from decisions we are making right now.

Here is how we started, back in January of 2008, with an official notice of intent:

Maynooth Educate Together are holding a public meeting and public launch of their Pre-enrollment List on Saturday, 26th January 2008. The purpose of the meeting is to provide information and assess local demand for an Educate Together School in the Maynooth area and hold a public launch of a pre-enrollment list.

Educate Together has recently submitted a formal notification of its intention to apply to open a school in the Maynooth area in September 2008 and intends to submit a formal application to the New Schools Advisory Committee at the end of January.

Venue: Room CS1 (Computer Science Lecture Theatre 1), Callan Buildings, North Campus, NUI Maynooth.
Date: 26th January 2008
Time:   Public Meeting 11am – 12 noon.
              Pre-enrollment 12 noon – 2pm


When this school started on the 1st September 2008, there were just two teachers, Marie and Elaine, and just 22 pupils.  Just three years later, in 2011, we had six teacher, and 141 pupils.

This was what the school looked like, for the first few years, a little smaller than we are today if you check the left (west) side of building.



In 2010, we were delighted to open our first classes for children with autism and in 2013 we saw our new common space and fully-equipped ASD unit open – all of which significantly boosted what we could do as a school – a development which quite literally brought us closer together while giving us more space.

Finally, and most importantly, in 2017, we were given approval for our new, permanent building.  If you have not had the chance to see the plans yet, do take the opportunity of looking at them in the entrance area of the school.  Work on this building will start in a few months time and we should be moving into our new home in time for the actual tenth anniversary of the school – September 1st 2018.

While we look back over the past ten years, we’re looking boldly into the future, providing inclusive co-educational primary education for our community.  We are a growing school, open, diverse, outward-looking and inquisitive.  We are especially good at winning St Patrick’s Day Parade awards.

together 3

We have been regular participants at annual Intel Mini-Scientist events and at the RDS primary science fair, as well as repeatedly winning Discovery Primary Science and Maths prizes, awarded to encourage experiments and group projects.  We are also the current Kildare primary schools soccer champions in our category.

We have always been a diverse community, an international community, embracing many different traditions and belief systems, learning from one another as we grow, committed to the Educate Together ethos of inclusion and respectful dialogue.

We are forever trying new things, involving new people, exploring new possibilities.  We are proud of our achievements but we are not set in our ways.  Our year of commemoration is not intended just as a time of celebration (though it is certainly that), but also as an educational opportunity.  Over the next twelve months, our young people will not only learn about the history of their school, but will come to feel part of that history.  They will learn that history is not just about events that are past and gone but is, instead, a living thing, something that they themselves are a part of and to which they are contributing.

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