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Fury from the Deep. Scream and Scream Again.

July 21, 2017

RIP Debbie Watling. No companion ever left The Doctor more movingly.


250px-Fury_from_the_Deep (1)

Hardly anything of this one left.  Only a tiny scrap that’s survived because of antipodean censorship.  They cut out the Oak and Quill attack and then sent the remaining reels back to Blighty to be wiped.  To enjoy this story (and enjoy it after a fashion you can) you need to rely on the reconstruction – still photos and soundtrack.

The Oak and Quill attack is the scariest thing to happen in 1960s Doctor Who.  It may have been the scariest bit of television from the 1960s.  Just looking at those faces, rendered so intent and inhuman and implacable represents a kind of pinnacle of well crafted terror.  This is what good lighting, sincere acting, make up and odd noises can do in the right hands.

As for the story?  Well, there are strange thingies living in the North Sea, but the shouty boss in charge of gas extraction won’t…

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