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Kenneth Clarke and Burke

July 9, 2017

Old blog on Kenneth Clarke and Edmund Burke. Reblogging everything I have Burkean on this 220th anniversary of his death…


We’re always keen to hear Burke quoted in Ireland, the one place on Earth where it’s normal and comfortable to champion Burke and Paine at one and the same time. Indeed, ever since the eighteenth-century, Burke and Paine have helped define the cocktail of poetic nostalgia and resolute republicanism that has spurred Ireland’s ongoing development.

And over in Westminster was a bravura performance from Ken Clarke, granted the freedom of old age to say whatever the hell he truly believes in.  In the coming years, as fascistic insanity beckons, we will need to build bridges beyond traditional party barriers if any salutary “not being a completely vicious xenophobe” alliance is ever going to save our world.  And in that spirit, I felt a lot of love for old Ken,  the old Tory.

Yesterday, most UK MPs voted for something they don’t believe in, because they are in awe of “Junocracy”…

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