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Anniversary of Britain’s “Day of Eternal Shame” haunts millions.

June 23, 2017



As someone who was born and grew up in Britain/(“Britain”?) I now have a markers in my various calendrical devices to remind me to apologise to every single person in the world on account of the awful awful events of exactly one year ago.

Exactly one year ago, following a campaign that shocked the world with its stupidity, fear, nastiness and mendacity, Britain/(“Britain”?) effectively gave up on itself, surrendered the self-respect and national honour required for any electoral unit to continue to call itself a real country.

Of course, there were good people who voted “Leave” and people who voted “Leave” for what they felt were valid reasons to do with electoral accountability.  But such people were not in the ascendant during the campaign and nor were their valid reasons.  Even many “Leave” voters must feel ashamed by the dominant narratives of the “Leave” campaign, and the obviousness of the lies that were deployed.  The famous 350 million to be spent on the NHS.  The idea that Turkey was about to join the EU and that its entire population would instantly move to Swindon.  The imminent and unstoppable European army.

Worst of all of course, was the dramatic spike in reported racist incidents.  Worst of all was the fact that many people who’ve lived in Britain/(“Britain”?) for years or decades, now discovered that there were too many horrible people living near them who wished them gone.  It is not that most people in Britain/(“Britain”?) are horrible – only that the horrible people have been in the ascendant and for many foreign nationals, the horribleness was too prevalent for them to do anything other than sadly start to pack their bags.

Of course, the horribleness was not created by the campaign out of scratch.  It’s been there for years.  And I, who grew up in the UK and keep returning there and spending significant time there did not realise its extent. And this is what Brexit has done for me – a lifetime of what I’d stupidly cherished as happy rememberings are now contaminated.

I did not recognise the extent of Britain/(“Britain”?)’s horribleness because I am a coward and an idiot.  My critical and ethical failings are severe and deep rooted. I have been running away from evidence I find troubling.

For the remainder of my life, the day of 23rd of June will fill me with a sense of profound moral failure and personal culpability.  It will be a day of contrition and confession.  As someone irretrievable marked by their upbringing in the UK, I say today as I will say on the anniversary of this day, always, sorry.


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  1. NMac permalink

    Conrad, I still wake up in the morning feeling both sick at heart and angry at the sheer stupidity of so-called Brexit. I firmly believe that the lunatics have literally taken over the asylum.

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