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“A Near Run Thing”, OR, should the Duckworth-Lewis system have been applied to the Battle of Waterloo?

June 18, 2017



If the Battle of Waterloo really was won on the playing fields of Eton, then surely some sort of sporting agreement should have taken place whereby a rain-truncated day’s play resulted in a revision of the terms of victory?  What would a proper Duckworth-Lewis version of the Battle of Waterloo have looked like though?   If the overnight rain really did churn up the ground to the point where it was nearly noon before Napoleon’s artillery could be moved into position, then it’s clear that the loss of time could only have benefited Wellington, who was waiting all day for reinforcements from Blucher’s Prussians.  Perhaps Wellington and Napoleon could have met during the morning and agreed on how many people had to be killed on this, a shorter day’s battle.  Bloody the day certainly was, but not as bloody as Borodino and nowhere near as bloody as the extraordinary Battle…

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