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Re. last week’s Doctor Who. I think it would have been funnier if the “Veritas” document buried in the forbidden Vatican library that causes all who read it to commit suicide turned out to be The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

May 27, 2017


I got a bit behind with my Who and only caught up with last week’s episode last night. Enjoyably and authentically scary it was,  though the big reveal reminded me a bit of some of the Matt Smith era stories I didn’t really like too much.  Sometimes you have to have a clear sense of what’s real and what ain’t if you’re going to keep caring.

Normally I hate the idea of sabotaging a well plotted melodrama just to service a cheap joke – but just imagine the scene.  The Doctor is led to the cage in the middle of the vast forbidden Vatican library.  He rigs up this painful device that’s meant to borrow from his own future to secure him sufficient temporary eyesight to read this document – an ancient communication that has driven everyone who has ever understood it to kill themselves…

And the words suddenly reveal themselves to him…

Renowned curator Jacques Sauniére staggered through the vaulted archway of the museum’s Grand Gallery.  He lunged for the nearest painting he could see, a Caravaggio.  Grabbing the gildred frame, the seventy-six year old man heaved the masterpiece towards himself until…

The Doctor opens his mouth to scream and rips the device from his head, desperate to return to blessed darkness and to expel this life-negatingly awful prose from his mind and memory…

di vinci code

Many people have tried to parody Dan Brown’s fiction.  But still not enough people have.




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