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And finally, a guide to the Eurovision Finalists, according to running order. Incidentally, by a nice but presumably recurring co-incidence, it’s Johnny Logan’s birthday today.

May 13, 2017
So here they are… some of the ones I really have already departed unwanted (Finland, Montenegro), and some of the ones I really hate (Cyprus, Poland) are still with us.  It’s always the way.
There are songs here that I would be happy to see win:  Italy, Portugal, Romania, and Belgium.
Sweden are yet again fielding a strongly favoured entry.  I don’t see the appeal of Robin the smug clothes-horse from Sweden, but I frequently find that those whom I find most slappable others want to fold to their bosom.
(Incidentally, most songs in Europe are either written or co-written by Swedes nowadays.  You can check the writing credits of each Eurovision entry if you like and you’ll see I’m right.)
I could even handle seeing Lucie Jones win, but only if she suddenly develops sufficient rational self interest to suddenly sing in Welsh. 

The official “Celebrate Diversity” themed Eurovision  will be hosted by three very similar white guys.

Russia isn’t here because the Russian singer made an unsanctioned trip to Crimea in 2015 and is not welcome in Kiev.

The musical entertainment will be interrupted by the comedic stylings of the Ukrainian version of “Mrs Brown’s Boys”.  True.

Why  do I waste so much of my time blogging about Eurovision?  Quite simply, these days, it’s the only form of electoral contest that I can bear to watch.


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