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Macron, “Leave EU” and Collaborationism

May 8, 2017

The French rolled over in 1940. This time they’ve saved Germany the fuel and bullets. 🇫🇷

We should never have allowed UKIP to use those spitfires to illustrate their “argument”. Nothing illustrates Brexiteering contempt for history more than their mendacious appropriation of 1940 and nothing illustrates the failure of the “Remain” campaign better than the failure of prominent people to adequately object to this mendacious act of appropriation.

Because a spitfire is not a symbol of isolation from Europe but of supreme commitment to Europe, a stubborn refusal to abandon Europe.  Throughout 1940, the option was available to Britain to abandon their concern with the continent (leaving Britain’s overseas empire intact) and give Hitler a free hand to do what he wanted.  Hitler never regarded Britain as natural lebensraum and would have abandoned his invasion plans as soon as he was assured that Britain was properly isolationist – free to trade with “the world” rather than with Europe.

If Nigel Farage had been Prime Minister in 1940, he would have signed that deal in a heartbeat and none of us today would have ever heard of spitfires.

The Remain campaign should never have allowed Farage to play with spitfires because they are not his.  Of course, many of the spitfires were flown by refugees from Eastern Europe – but that’s a separate related point.

Now that Macron has a clear majority (much clearer than the UK Leave vote), Hard Brexiteers are evoking Hitler again, describing him as as a pro-German collaborationist while having made clear their support for a candidate with clear ancestral ties to the Vichy regime.

The association of the EU with Hitler is vicious and stupid enough.  The Hitlerian genocide is cheapened and its victims betrayed by cheap and opportunistic comparisons. If “Leave EU” really do believe that the government of Angela Merkel and the regime of Adolf Hitler are somehow equivalent then they are bereft of anything resembling an moral compass and require years of prayer and fasting before they can reappear in discursive society.

People like “Leave EU” have made it their business to invoke, exploit,  and insult wartime memories within the same rhetorical breath.

A hideous and viciously successful lie was perpetrated last year suggesting that World War 2 was the heroic triumph of isolationists against European integrationists.  I wonder how many Kippers are aware that during the supreme crisis of spring 1940, the British and French governments were discussing formal political union as the best means of saving Europe from Nazism?

A few Kippers do know this, of course,  but they are hardened liars and cynics who despise nobody more than their own supporters.

So we Europeans stare at the Hard Brexiters and sigh yet again as they abuse Macron as a collaborationist and find ourselves having to state the bleedin’ obvious yet again in the face of people whose willed and determined ignorance of their own narrow national history, let alone European history, never fails to amaze and depress.

Macron is not a collaborationist.

Merkel is not Hitler.

Germany is an important European nation but is demographically and economically incapable of enslaving the whole of Europe.

The battle against Hitler was a battle to save something resembling European civilisation, not an isolationist campaign against Federalism.


But how do you deal with people whose commitment to lies is so immense that they are unable to even celebrate the best aspects of their own history?  You sigh, and start again.

Macron is not a collaborationist…





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One Comment
  1. NMac permalink

    How ironic Conrad that many of the Spitfire pilots were Polish. More importantly the EU is there to ensure that such bloody European civil wars don’t happen again. What happened literally days after the signing of Article 50, …a fossil of an ex-Tory MP threatens war against one of our European neighbours. Makes me want to weep in sadness, anger and frustration at the stupidity of little Englanders.

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