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Dear Jeremy Corbyn, just wondering… do you want to be George Lansbury or Clement Attlee?

May 6, 2017

I wrote this blog a few months ago. And I think I know the answer to its question now…



This is meant to be a real question, albeit a reasonably polite one.

Of course, I’m talking to myself here, today, in this blog.  Someone in “your” position gets bombarded with wierdy letters from wierdy people and when I address this post to “you”, I’m actually indulging the poetic device of “apostrophe”.  It’s about a constructed and/or abstracted addressee that permits me to indulge in some creative self-division.  I am, of course, talking to myself.  “You”, or “Jeremy Corbyn” are not reading this, but the notion that you might be proves productive in the sense of clarifying some of my own thoughts.  It’s a method of self-division that hints at a more ambitious unity.

Are “you” thinking of being George Lansbury?  Certainly I can see the attraction of being George Lansbury.  He was undeniably well-loved and by all accounts lovable.  Look how jolly he looks in this photo.  He was…

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