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“It’s time… for the Jedi… to end… or not… I’m not sure… and I’m really tired….” The Last Jedi. (The Teaser) Reviewed.

April 15, 2017

As I watched and then rewatched The Last Jedi (teaser) over and over again yesterday, a few things occurred to me.

It is just possible that your first viewing of The Force Awakens did not involve chaperoning an entire row full of Irish nine year olds.   There’s nothing quite like the collective gasp you can hear once Skellig Michael loomed into view at the end of the film:

“Ireland!   Luke was in Ireland the whole time!”

Skellig Michael is a bit lacking in some of the basic amenities of life, so Luke would have had to have a boat of some kind, and then maybe hitchhiked into Killarney or at least Milltown once a month.  Every so often someone in a pub there would have said… “you know, lose the beard and a few pounds and you’d be a ringer for that Luke Skywalker”.  But Luke could have laughed if off, and people in Co. Kerry would have more or less left him alone.

But now Luke has the job of training Rey.  Initially of course, like all trainers in all such movies, he will refuse or at least feign reluctance.  Rey will have to beg him to train her, or prove herself in some unexpected way.

And as for that last line:   “I only know one truth… it’s time… for the Jedi… to end…” I’d have to note that what we’re getting is not necessarily a complete sentence.  Jedi for their crisp and concise sentence structure and syntax never been known for have been.

A teaser is just that – a big tease.   It sounds at first like he’ saying “it is time for the Jedi”.  Hooray.   And then he adds “to end” just so that we all go “awwww – no no no! More Jedi please!”.   But for all we know he’s going to take another deep breath and add “… this war”.  Hooray again.

There’s also a big gap between the “I only know one truth”  and the “it’s time” bit.  They may come from different sentences.  For all we know the “one truth” that Luke knows is when Blackburn Rovers last won the Premiership (1995 – and the winning answer in a pub quiz Luke’s table came second in up in Milltown the previous month).

Or for all we know the sentence begins with “This idiot came up to me in the pub and you wouldn’t believe what had the gall to say to me (me of all people!) – he said ‘I only know one truth… it’s time… for the Jedi… to end’.  Loser.  I hypnotised him into buying a round for everyone in the place.”

I suppose the final truth will not be a merely grammatical feat of completion but something a bit more mystical.   It is time for the Jedi to end so that they can evolve into super super new Jedi.  Or perhaps, in Nietzschean terms it’s time for the Jedi to end as a way of going beyond Good and Evil and integrating the best aspects of the Sith with those of the Jedi.  Neutral metallic grey is the new Dark Side.

Anyhoo, the time is probably right for some sort of revelatory re-mystification of The Force – hopefully something that feels a bit more satisfying than the pseudo microbiology of midi-chlorians.



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