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Nancy Pelosi and Trump the “Jerk Boyfriend”

March 4, 2017


Here is Nancy Pelosi, Democratic House leader, telling rank and file Congress Reps how to deal with Trump voters…

“The way I told my members: It’s like telling your friend the guy she’s dating is a jerk,” … “You can’t tell her that. She has to find out for herself. You can give her clues and then eventually one thing will lead to another, she’ll come to her conclusion. But if you tell her right up front, you’ll lose a friend. So we’re not interested in losing any friends. Let them find out.”

“They made a judgment and they’re not willing to walk away from their own judgment” Pelosi added.

When I think of a “jerk boyfriend”, I think of someone who spends the day the sofa and waggles an empty beer glass at his partner if she’s walking by – saying things like “be a doll” with what he imagines is a winning smile.   Indeed “jerk boyfriend” will be the sort of guy who thinks that “dollface” is an appropriate way of addressing a loved one.  Oh, and he likes Coldplay.  He definitely likes Coldplay.

Now when I try to think of Trump as “jerk boyfriend”, I need to adapt, expand, and amplify my definition of “jerk”.  Indeed “jerk” doesn’t work for me descriptively when thinking of Trump.  I therefore need to flesh Pelosi’s metaphor out with more descriptive terms.

So instead of “jerk boyfriend”, let’s say, “mentally unstable congenital liar sex criminal boyfriend”.  And let’s, for the sake of accuracy, point out that this boyfriend is a live-in boyfriend.  And, to add a little spice of decorative accurate detail – this friend of yours is also your flatmate.

Oh, and he’s in debt to the Russian mob.  How could I forget that bit?

So put it all together, to make Pelosi’s metaphor accurate and relevant.

Your roomie best friend has invited a mentally unstable congenital liar sex criminal who owes favours to Russian gangsters to live with you both.  You don’t want to insult or upset your friend so you don’t actually point out that he is what actually is.  You just drop her a few clues and leave her to figure it out on her own.

After all, it’s not like the situation is at all urgent.


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