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Happy 261st Birthday William Godwin

March 3, 2017



An odd cove to be sure.   I’m not sure that I’ve read Political Justice (1793) since my student days, but I think of it often enough.

As John Lennon’s piano chords play in my head I “imagine” William Godwin’s Utopia.  A society without Government and without Laws, without Property and without War.  And (incidentally) there’s no sex – because in a rational world, we will have transcended the need for all that sticky and disruptive nonsense.  And there’s no death – because in a rational world, those diseases that prey upon us will have been dealt with at source and our bodies will repair themselves as rationally as our minds.   And there’s no sleep – because sleep is for the weak minded.

So, we’re to imagine a world in which everybody just sits around and has rational, sexless, improving conversations with one another for ever and ever and…

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