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The Day The Roman Empire Went Christian

February 27, 2017



Today is the birthday of Constantine the Great.  He was born on February 27th, 272 AD apparently.  That’s a birth date with a lot of twos and sevens in it (27.02.272).

But February 27th is also the anniversary of the date when the Roman Empire went Christian in 380, by which time Constantine was long gone.

There is a deal of misunderstanding about Constantine.  He did not make the Roman Empire Christian.  He was not an especially religious man himself, and his interest in Christianity seems to have been chiefly in terms of a standard or an emblem or a cause he could use to unite his followers and crush his rivals (Maxentius, Licinius etc. etc.).  He did not in fact get baptised until he was practically on his deathbed.

He seems to have preferred something closer to Arianism than what became orthodox Nicean Trinitarianism.  Although Constantine…

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