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Happy 501st Birthday Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary, Bloodied Mary, Muddy Mary.

February 18, 2017


Here’s the Horrible Histories tribute to Mary Tudor who is 501 years old today.  You’ll notice that they thought it would be funny if Mary Tudor was also Kate Bush.   I don’t have a problem with that.

Well, well, well.  Five hundred and one years old today.  How time flies!  And she’s still stuck with the whole “Bloody” prefix.  For the past two hundred years or so, various historians have tried to put the whole protestant-burning thing in context.  There was, after all, a great deal of this sort of thing about in sixteenth (and seventeenth) century Europe.  And let’s not forget that her sister killed her fair share of Catholics.  Perhaps Elizabeth’s victims were spaced out better.  But then Elizabeth had rather more time to kill her quota, whereas Mary always felt she was in a hurry.

Many of those in authority in the sixteenth-century seemed to have…

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