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The Twelfth Doctor – or, rather, “why I should have been the Twelfth Doctor Who instead of Peter Capaldi”

January 31, 2017

Remembering how I felt when Peter Capaldi was announced as the next Doctor…


Yes, I know Peter Capaldi is a wonderful actor, thoughtful and experienced, who will bring fresh lustre to the best traditions of Doctor Who.  I know that he respects the show and the character and that he will offer that exquisite balance between continuity and necessary rupture that is the basis of every successful fresh regeneration.  His Doctor will be acclaimed across the world.  His Doctor will be somebody entirely new and yet someone we’ve always known, a Time Lord to startle and reassure.  He’ll be just fine.


Does he want it as much as I do?  Really?  Is he prophesied?  Really?

A student, asked to freely express their opinion of my lectures on an evaluation questionnaire, merely scribbled “the next Doctor Who”.

Now I could dismiss this as a mere throwaway cheeky commentary on my dress sense OR I could decide that


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