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Taking a “Deep Breath” – Premature generalisations about Peter Capaldi

January 31, 2017

Looking back on Peter Capaldi’s legacy to date and fearing that the next Doctor will be chosen by a focus group.



It’s always a mistake to judge a regeneration based on a first episode.  They can be deeply misleading.  And that’s why it’s fun to generalise based on a rapid initial first impression.  You can read it again in a few years time and laugh at how wrong you are.

This first episode is very much about regeneration, about the idea of changing yet remaining the same thing.  The “recycling” of the clockwork robots from the wonderful “Girl in the Fireplace” adventure is there to double-track this idea.  If all the parts have been changed – are they the same creatures with the same mission statement.  All of the Doctor’s parts have been changed quite a few times.  Is he the same creature?  

The story confronts the ageing of the Doctor head on.  He tells Clara that he’s not her boyfriend and the trick that he pulls is to remind…

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