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Doctor Who in 2015. Yeah.

January 31, 2017



People my age can never bring themselves to refer to it as “Season Nine”.  and “Season Thirty Five” just seems a bit cumbersome.

Now the general critical tone regarding this series has been pretty laudatory, and I’m not one to dissent just for the sake of it.  As Samuel Johnson (who certainly dissented from critical dissent when he felt he had to) remarked of Thomas Gray’s Elegy “I rejoice to concur with the common reader; for by the common sense of readers uncorrupted with literary prejudices, after all the refinements of subtilty and the dogmatism of learning, must be finally decided all claim to poetical honours”

Now when I say I think that this season has enjoyed almost all the praise it has received, I’m not buying into the notion that there was anything much wrong with the 2014 season.  Some of those stories were better than others but outings like

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