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January 28, 2017


In a rare official warning, the British public has been warned that a dangerous sex offender will enter Britain on July 13th 2018.  This individual has a long record of sexual abuse stretching back decades, and the police have asked Londoners in particular to be on their guard.  The individual in question cannot be named partly for legal reasons but mainly because “he really likes hearing his name out loud”.  His image has been widely circulated, however.


Meanwhile the Metropolitan Police are reassuring the general public that he will be under close police monitoring for as long as he remains in Britain, and that adequate personnel will be assigned to keep constant tabs on his movements.  “We have our detailed plans in place and we are confident that the public as a whole are not in any significant risk.”  Scotland Yard have however advised people on no account to approach him or to try to engage him in conversation.  “Be assured, we’ll have our eyes on him, but this individual is extremely unpredictable and he has no boundaries.  Our expert advice suggests that there is no ‘safe’ way of interacting with this particular kind of criminal.”

Criminal psychologist, Dr Antonia Schwartz, who has studied sex offenders of precisely this kind, has offered the following advice to anybody finding themselves in proximity to this individual.

“In two words – ‘Don’t’ be’.   Don’t be within a mile of him if you can help him.  As an extreme narcissist with crippling ego weakness, this criminal typically derives strength and validation from any form of perceived affirmation.  Wherever he sees very large groups of people gathered together, an individual of this type will feel fed and nurtured.  Without constant attention, he fears he may disappear,  and his long record of sexual assaults  is part of a larger pattern of a lifelong infantile bullying personality that illustrates the fact  that he has in fact no core self to speak of.”

Dr Schwartz was asked in more detail how Londoners can protect themselves.

“The police have promised to give plenty of advance warning of his arrival (which cannot be now prevented by any legal means).  It is likely he will seek out prominent Central London tourist sights.  If you were planning to visit Central London while he is there – change your plans.

But people should not give into fear either. There is no need to hide indoors.  Just ensure that any large gatherings you may wish to attend are some distance away from him.  This criminal’s age and background make rehabilitation an almost impossible prospect.   He can however be at least temporarily neutralised and disempowered by confronting him with his own loneliness – loneliness his own sociopathic behaviour has deserved.

If you work in Central London, try if you can to take the day (or days off work).   And if you work in Central London and have a family, it might be the ideal opportunity to spend time with them at home to discuss issues of sexual consent with your children.   Especially your sons.”



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