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Why does Theresa May hate Britain so much?

January 10, 2017


I mean, the hatred comes in a variety of forms.  By continually restating the obvious absurdity that Brexit is a simple unambiguous thing, she demonstrates her firm conviction that Brits are idiots. It is a transparent and indisputable fact that there are a variety of relationships and alliances with the EU that are compatible with non-membership (none of which appeared on the ballot paper of last June’s absurd referendum).  By pretending that this complexity does not exist, May betrays her belief that Brits are much dimmer than other people and do not deserve to take part in any kind of strategic conversation about their country’s future.

The commitment to border control over access to the single market is more evidence of May’s contempt for the peoples of North West Europe.  May didn’t support Brexit, did not agree with it, but is prepared to sacrifice her own economic judgment to the appeasement of whatever political energies seem mostly prevalent at any given time.  And it is her firm belief that Brits cherish xenophobia over prosperity, that they would rather hate foreigners than feed their children.  Yes, Brits are that disgusting in May’s calculated opinion.

May herself of course is recession-proof, able to throw millions around the world at the touch of a button, like most of her cabinet colleagues.

But there’s a precise and more definitionally inescapable sense in which May hates Britain and this relates to her contempt for Scotland.  The Conservative Party and Unionist Party isn’t committed to very much ideologically.  Historically, that’s always been the party’s strength.  To be ‘conservative’ is an entirely relative term.  The only titular commitment the party has is ‘Union’ – holding the UK together.  Scotland has made it quite clear that it wants to retain free access to Europe and that Scotland’s relationship with the UK depends upon this recognition.  May has made it quite clear that she doesn’t care and that Britain will fall ignomiously apart before she’s prepared to show a scintilla of respect for the Scottish people.  Ultimately, a Conservative and Unionist leader has ‘one job’.  And she won’t do it – will not protect the one thing her party is definitionally committed to protecting.

Because she is dead to shame, Theresa May will stand in front of a nation’s flag while tearing that nation apart. The only reason to save the union is love. The  only means of saving the union is love. May has no love and the Union is deservedly doomed.


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  1. NMac permalink

    It seems to me Conrad that, like most Tories, May hates anyone who isn’t one of them. Thinking about it many Tories also hate each other. It is an unprincipled political party whose members have an over-inflated sense of entitlement, ie born to rule, and it thrives on creating divisions and hatred within society.

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