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James Boswell’s New Year Resolutions. Complete

December 31, 2016


  • youngboswell
    “I resolve to be a bit less of an arse next year” James Boswell, Dec. 31, 1763.
    “I resolve to dial back my being an arse level back to its 1763 setting.” James Boswell, 31 Dec. 1764.
    “I resolve that ‘that arse’ no longer be the inevitable prefix to the name of James Boswell.” James Boswell, 31 Dec.1765.
    “I resolve to upgrade my status from ‘arse’ to ‘plonker'”. James Boswell, Dec. 31. 1766.
    “I resolve to become as amusing an arse as Samuel Foote”. James Boswell, Dec. 31. 1767.
    “I resolve to acknowledge that I will never be as funny an arse as Samuel Foote” James Boswell, Dec. 31 1768.
    “To honour my new bride Margaret, I resolve to reduce my being an arse in 1770” James Boswell. Dec. 31. 1769.
    “I resolve to be a bit less of an arse in FRONT of my wife.” James Boswell, Dec. 31…

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