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Sprouts. More Sprouts.

December 22, 2016



Herself acquired some posh sprouts yesterday.  So posh they’re still on the stalk.  The house feels a bit more special already.

There are three broad schools of thought when it comes to sprouts for Christmas Dinner.  One says that sprouts are a positive good, to be embraced both for their own sakes and for their contribution to the meal as a whole.  A second school of thought says that sprouts are an absolute evil and their eradication from the Yuletide menu would be a positive benefit.  A third tradition declares that although sprouts may taste nasty in themselves, they are a necessary part of the meal as traditionally served and their removal might have unintended negative consequences.  I have long tended towards this position.

But recently I’ve been worried that my complacent acceptance of sprouts in context has an unfortunate 300 year old intellectual pedigree.  The philosophy of Leibniz (satirised by…

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