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Why Can’t You Forgive the BBC for that 1990s production of Pride and Prejudice?

December 16, 2016

Reblogging this cos it’s STILL Jane Austen day apparently…




I get asked this question a lot.  “It’s been twenty years”, people say.  “Can’t you let it go?” they urge.   “Isn’t it time now for forgiveness?” they sooth.

All of which places me in a state of some theological perplexity.  Can forgiveness be intransitive?  If it efficacious if unsolicited?  Can forgiveness be transmitted and absorbed in a passive unidirectional context?  

Because the BBC have not asked for my forgiveness. Nobody at the top production table has got down on their bended knees with tears in their eyes and begged me for forgiveness.  Nobody associated with the production has shown any authentic contrition for having done the Very Worst Thing in the entire ninety year history of the BBC.

Andrew Davies I absolve because what he did to Jane Austen can only be the product of some profound personal trauma.  As a child he was presumably beaten up…

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