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Lennon’s Death. Mark Chapman’s crime against Paul McCartney

December 8, 2016

Reposting on this anniversary



On this, the anniversary of Lennon’s death, it’s worth thinking for a change about what Mark Chapman did to Paul McCartney that day.

And as for the notorious “it’s a drag” remark – it’s also worth studying this bit of film of McCartney being collared by reporters on the 9th December 1980.

There’s a glazed look on his face.  He seems to be moving in a trance – functioning on a sort of terrifying autopilot.  It’s clear that he hasn’t been able to absorb Lennon’s murder and he hasn’t anything adequate to say about it while still in shock.  In the meantime, he’s also having to deal with microphones being shoved under his nose.

John and Paul’s relationship was… not great in the early 70s.  Barbed comments were going back and forth and there was a serious business disagreement between them.  Paul felt that the Beatles’ partnership could better be…

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