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“Lock Her Up!” How to react to Trump’s “generous” decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton?

November 24, 2016


Of course I’m glad that Hillary Clinton won’t be prosecuted.  But it was never going to happen.  There was never a case to answer.  Besides which, Trump is a lifelong school-bully and (therefore) a coward.  Prosecuting a Clinton would mean prosecuting someone who could secure the best legal representation money can buy, and that’s never been his style.  Despite Trump’s loud, repeated and palpably untrue claim that he always fights and never settles when legally threatened – throwing money at a situation so that it goes away is a long established tactic of his.  Note Trump University.

So Hillary Clinton was always safe from prosecution.  But you have to think about what Trump’s supporters are to make of this “sudden” (not sudden at all) decision not to go after Clinton.  In the closing stages of Trump’s election campaign – imprisoning Hillary Clinton was his main policy position.  As chants of “Lock Her Up” echoed around the various stadia where he held court, it became obvious that many of his supporters regarded Hillary Clinton as the most evil criminal in American history, Satan’s very own representative on earth no less.  Indeed, at the heart of the Trump campaign seemed to be the belief that the fact that Hillary Clinton was not rotting in jail was the most urgent crisis facing America (and therefore the world) in the twenty-first century?

In my own electronic correspondence with Trump supporters, the essential and overwhelming evil of Hillary Trump was repeatedly stated.  When I presented Trump supporters of clear evidence that nearly everything that Trump said was a lie – the most common reply was never a defense of Trump but rather the urgent fact that “Hillary is a million times worse”.  Evidence for Hillary’s criminality was never offered, but dark rumours were eagerly circulated.  I was informed that Hillary Clinton personally performs abortions on third trimester foetuses at the climax of her regular Satanic orgies.

The notion that Hillary is being “let off” as a result of some grand gesture of togetherness is obviously false.  Trump never forgives anyone, and boasts about this very inability to forgive.  He won’t forgive Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live.  And nobody can doubt that he will spend much of the next four years using as much of the apparatus of the federal government as he can to pursue purely personal grievances.

No, Hillary Clinton is not being prosecuted for two reasons.

  1.   There’s nothing to prosecute her for – no case to answer.
  2.   Hillary Clinton is a powerful and determined person who can stick up for herself.

Trump once boasted that he could shoot someone in the street and get away with it.  By the same token, it seems, he can also repeatedly promise TO shoot someone in the street, then not shoot them, and get away with it.  Is this a hopeful sign for his presidency?

Well, up to a point.  He won’t try to do the stupid and dangerous things that are actually impossible – or even the things that are just very very difficult.   He probably won’t bomb large countries that might bomb back.  He will however, extend his school bullying to a global stage and lash out at what he regards as safe targets.

And will the people who voted Trump just so that the most evil creature since the dawn of time can be properly caged feel betrayed now that Hillary Clinton is still free to walk the streets?

Again, probably not. Supporting Donald Trump is, among other things, an abdication of the critical responsibilities of citizenship and adulthood.  Supporting Donald Trump means you’ve given up worrying about what “Truth” is, and you take it for granted that Trump is Truth and Truth is Trump – that truth simply adjusts itself to whatever suits Donald Trump at any given time.  That, after all, is how Donald Trump sees the world.



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