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“Invasion of the Dinosaurs” would have been a lot better without the Dinosaurs

November 21, 2016

Reblogging because I’ve just learned that today would have been Malcolm Hulke’s 92nd birthday.



It’s a cliché, but it’s true.  Take away those wretchedly realised beasties, and there’s a cracking Malcolm Hulke story here.  Complex, troubling, politically sophisticated, atmospheric and exciting, the tension of the tale is dissipated only by breathtakingly crappy prehistoric reptiles.

Imagine if David Icke had not only remained in the Green Party following his breakdown, but gone on to be its unquestioned leader. That would seem to be Hulke’s premise.  Eco-Fascism is disturbing territory.  Disturbing in 1974 and disturbing now.  It’s disturbing because it’s always troubling to see something so right go so wrong.  And to take Captain Yates down with it. Carmen Silvera strikes an accurately chilling tone when, along with obvious evils to be avoided on the “New Earth” –  pollution and war, she denounces “moral degeneracy” and “permissiveness” and that historically sinister archaism “usury”.

There’s a horrible but not inevitable logic whereby a desire for a “cleaner” world…

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