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Liam’s Life Story Repeated for World Prematurity Day.

November 17, 2016

Liam’s story, reposted yet again, because it’s World Prematurity Day.



World Prematurity Day.  Time to repost your story.

Save Me Time


The Life and Times of Liam Theodore Cassidy Brunstrom

Part 1

This is something that started to happen to us, over eleven years ago.


There are few things more enjoyable than seeing university professors acting in demonstrably foolish ways, than observing academics lacking the very rudiments of what is strangely known as “common sense”. It’s a necessary compensatory satisfaction, founded on paradoxes that are occasionally vindicated if not by direct experience then by comforting anecdotal evidence. The story of the Harvard law professor with two PhDs who fell for one of those West African internet investment scams so fresh in everyone’s memory, may be apocryphal, but has been widely quoted and will continue to be enjoyed and circulated for years to come. Our own “foolishness”, that of Tanya and myself, can be explained and even excused, but the…

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