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President Trump. What to tell the children? We all just need to be better humans… to try to make up for this.

November 9, 2016


In two hours time, the boy will wake up.  I’ll have to tell him about President Trump.  As an intelligent ten year old he has a fairly clear idea of who and what Donald Trump is.  He will be frightened.

The sheer awfulness and hatefulness of Trump are pretty evident to an intelligent ten year old.  You can’t isolate ten year olds from the news.  And an hour after he’s got up, he’ll be in a playground surrounded by other boys, who will amplify the horror story that is President Trump for gruesome effect.   Some children love talking about wars and others hate it.  Mine hates it.

Brexit and Trump have made 2016 an appalling year for wisdom, tolerance, love and compassion.  As someone stained and shamed with a British passport, I woke up in June with a profound sense of loss and bereavement as well as shame.   I’m feeling all the shame again, since Brexit provided a blueprint and an inspiration for the election of Trump.  There were of course people who voted for Brexit for logical reasons, but it was the lies and the hatred that provided the impetus for the result.  Brexit demonstrated that hateful lie can win if amplified shamelessly enough.  And I realised on that horrible morning of June 24th that I was a coward and an idiot, that I had failed to acknowledge what had been happening in my own country, failed to see what sort of place it had become, and that this sort of dereliction of duty has horrible consequences.

Somehow, this  sense of failure associated with Brexit now transfers itself to the Trump victory.  I feel like apologising to everyone I know and love in the USA for my part in the Britain’s failure, since Britain‘s failure has played its part in ensuring that this completely disgusting and cruel man now has the power to destroy so many lives.

“Dear USA, I am sorry for being a Brit.  Sorry for what Britain’s stupidity and hatred has helped do to your wonderful country.”

I’d imagined that I would spend this morning talking about how 2016 was the year the USA stared into the abyss and took a leap back while the UK had stared into the abyss and taken a leap forward.  But no – the abyss has won.  The most disgusting human being ever to seek the US presidency will indeed be given the nuclear codes.

Most optimistically, Trump simply doesn’t have the concentration span required to govern at all, and will spend his entire time in office engaged in pointless stunts and petty gestures of self aggrandisement.  The USA, hopefully, is headed for four years of humiliation rather than devastation.  Hopefully, Trump will do very little in government – which will consist of corrupt reptilians who will simply abuse their office enriching their own families.   This is a best case scenario.

Trump has no concept of repentance or forgiveness but the rest of us do.  We don’t have time to descend into despair, and besides, despair is what got us in this mess.  If people really loved and respected themselves, Trump would never have succeeded.  So we need to love ourselves, somehow, if only as a means of giving practical expression to our love of others.

I’m going to hold the boy close and we’ll talk about loving people who do beautiful things on a regular basis.  We need to find a form of words that explains that although the most powerful person in the world is a sociopath with no capacity for empathy or understanding, the rest of the world – on the whole – retains the capacity to love and help each other.

In short, we all just need to live better lives.


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  1. NMac permalink

    Lies, corruption and deceit win yet again. Very depressing.

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