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Donald Trump’s Cleveland Convention Speech on Truth Serum

November 8, 2016



My Fellow Americans,

I’d like to share my story with you.  It’s an American story.  The story of how a simple man, armed only with immense inherited wealth and a complete contempt for humanity, managed to isolate himself forever from the consequences of his own actions.

I could of just stayed in bed all day and every day for the past thirty years and I’d be wealthier than I am right now.  I chose to go into the office each day because I like striding down corridors wearing a shiny suit shouting at people.  This is my work and it amuses me.

The truth about Donald Trump in the 1980s is this.  Thanks to Daddy’s money and his willingness to co-sign loan agreements I bought a lot of New York property.  During a bull market, these properties rose in value.  If there is a single solitary skill involved in property speculation it’s…

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