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Donald Trump and the Ghost of Boss Tweed.

November 6, 2016

Reblogging this as Trump is now claiming that early voting in Nevada has been “rigged” since lots and lots of eligible voters (“certain people”) have voted. Trump’s model of voter fraud – multiple voting – has not been a problem since the mid 19th century, whereas Republicans have enthusiastically invested in a far more effective way of skewing democracy – voter suppression.


Boss Tweed

Here is Jim Broadbent, playing infamous mid nineteenth-century Tammany Hall  political fixer Boss Tweed in Scorsese’s Gangs of New York.

Boss Tweed is long dead, but his phantom is regularly summoned back around election time.  Tweed was associated with a very old fashioned and cumbersome form of voter fraud which is no longer practiced.  Apparently, among other ingenious practices,  he  enlisted a great many people with facial hair (and facial hear was pretty spectacular in the mid nineteenth century), hoping that you could get one vote for a bearded man, shave off the beard and get another for a moustached man, get rid of the moustache, then the sideburns etc. etc. and get at least five votes out the same man.   Say what you like about Tweed, but he certainly “rocked the vote”, sometimes delivering 200%, or 300% of the eligible electorate to the polls  at any given election.


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