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Keeping America in Suspense…

October 20, 2016


This is the only bit people will remember… the bit where Trump refused to say if he’ll accept the election result if it goes against him.

His refusal is, of course, based on the fact that Trump cannot accept that anything in this universe is more important than him winning things.  The idea that those who wield power should acknowledge a culture and a process that is bigger than they are is  antithetical to every instinct in Trump’s body.  This is why Trump should never wield supreme power.  Someone who doesn’t think they’re serving something bigger than they are is unfit for any kind of office.

Of course, whether or not Trump “concedes” – those 270+ votes will still be cast and Hillary Clinton will still become President.  Trump cannot just invalidate an election by sulking.  The only thing he can decide to do – and the most important thing he can still do – is try to do  (ever so ever so ever so late in the day) is reconcile his supporters to the democratic process.    I retain a belief in the concept of repentance.   Against all the evidence, I have to believe that it is somehow possible for even Donald Trump to do this.

Simply by uttering the words “I concede this election to Hillary Clinton”, he can save lives.  If he wants to.

Because right now there are (at the very least) tens of thousands of angry people with guns who believe, because Trump has encouraged them to believe, that Clinton can only become President if the whole system is “rigged”.  Someone with a shred of human empathy would betray some symptoms of anxieties about  the casualties likely to be provoked by this sort of scenario.  Trump is dead to shame (which means that he is also dead to all sorts of other human experiences).

The Trump campaign is not interested in reported detailed and specific so-called democratic abuses.  Somehow it’s “everything” that is to be blame.  And this nebulous “everything” will be evidenced by the mere fact of Hillary Clinton winning.

Trump has now whittled his actual campaign agenda down to a single item – the demonization of Hillary Rodham Clinton.   Many of his supporters believe that a “not in jail” Clinton is the most serious problem in America right now.  When these thousands of angry men with guns will wake up and find that Clinton is not in jail but is instead POTUS as a result of an election they believe to have been rigged – how are they going to react?  How will they react to a  woman, furthermore, whom they’ve been told plans to somehow unilaterally overturn the second amendment of the constitution and castrate them by taking their guns away and turning the USA into a Canadian or European style slave state?

“Suspense” might be great in the context of a reality show, but when it comes to peacefully transferring the executive branch of the world’s dominant super-power, it’s altogether less desirable.  People, real people (not Donald Trump) can get hurt in the middle of such suspense.

Donald Trump will lose the election.  The only remaining “suspense” concerns how he loses.


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