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Why #ClintonWon won’t become a viral hashtag after the next debate – even when she wins.

October 19, 2016



Following the second presidential debate tonight, #TrumpWon will again go viral and a bunch of “polls” will show a massive boost for the Trump campaign.

Of course, open online polls are not polls at all, in any recognised sense.  Any poll that can be “swamped” by a campaign cannot be described as anything resembling a representative sample.  Furthermore, there is much evidence of social media manipulation of open online polls, whereby votes can be replicated and spread by determined hackers – see below.

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None of this so called “reality” will impact on Trump’s dedicated supporters, whose abject prostration in front of their disgusting demagogue means that they will continue to insist that “their” online polls reflect a massive groundswell of “real” voters – something that Clinton cannot match.

For such people, of course, Trump has already won, because “winning” is what Trump does.  Whatever Trump does…

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