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The Funbulance is Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha Hee Hee!

October 7, 2016

Can I just say – I’m not frightened of urban clowns.
Hospital clowns, on the other hand, terrify me.



The other day I saw parked a bright green ambulance shaped van.  It called itself a “Funbulance” and was decorated with gaudy circus type loops and swirls.

I’m sure whoever operates Funbulances are wonderful people, dedicated charitable folks who give tirelessly of themselves to improve the lives of sick children.

But I must make a confession.  As soon as I saw this “funbulance”, a shiver ran down my spine.  The fact is, that from a personal point of view, a funbulance represents the fusion of two very scary things.  Hospitals and clowns.

Hospitals are very scary places.  Just ask Philip Larkin.  They are places of death and life and places where life and death decisions are made.  They are places where you must submit yourself absolutely to the fatal control of others.  And being so scary, much thought should be going into making them less scary.  Terror is not good for recovery.

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