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Farewell then David Cameron, we hardly knew ye.

September 12, 2016

Reblogging this as I learn that Cameron is resigning as an MP a few weeks after resigning as PM.



You see – I was never really sure he was real anyway.  He never felt quite real to me.  Wasn’t he just something that was taped together at a focus group back in 2005?  A dodgy American PR guru called Frank Luntz rigged some feedback and decided that “David Cameron” was the best product for the Tories to put in their front window.

Nor has he ever seemed more real to me over time.  I’ve always been struck by the calm acquiescence with which many dominant media commentators repeat the notion that Cameron is a moderate “One Nation” Conservative – because Cameron says he is.

What did Cameron ever have in common with the likes of Harold Macmillan or Rab Butler?  What was “One Nationish” about his administrations?  Cameron oversaw a Britain that was more unequal than just about any other developed nation – a “born poor-stay poor” society which…

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