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Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party – two obligatory longish questions.

August 31, 2016

As the Labour Leadership vote proceeds – I reblog this. 2 questions remaining unanswered.



I have many friends in the British Labour Party.  And many of them are making one of two points…

  1.   Jeremy Corbyn has a massive mandate from the rank and file membership.  His leadership campaign greatly expanded Labour Party membership.  Any PLP attempt to remove him as leader would alienate this membership.  Indeed, many people have pledged never to support Labour ever again if he is betrayed/removed by his parliamentary colleagues.
  2.  Jeremy Corbyn only enjoys the loyalty of one quarter of the Parliamentary Labour Party.  Three quarters of all Labour MPs have no confidence in his ability to lead the party in parliament.  The chief responsibility of a Labour opposition leader is to oppose the government in parliament.  How can someone like Corbyn do the most important part of his job?

The central problem is that both of these statements are true.

Nobody ever thought this could happen.  The party rule…

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