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Reign of Terror: No Time Meddling Please

August 15, 2016



Interesting to watch a very classic historical which no messing with history is permitted, or even, perhaps, possible. When the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan visit France in the high summer of 1794, they have one objective and one objective only – to get back to the Tardis without being decapitated.

Reign of Terror (1964) remains very watchable , despite missing a couple of episodes which are replaced by animations. The set design, costumes, script, music and acting are all up to snuff, demonstrating that the essentially theatrical frame of reference that prevailed at the BBC during the 60s and 70s could have very satisfying results.

The limited nature of the stakes involved is interesting from a later perspective.  Not only does The Doctor feel that it would be wrong to influence the course of the French Revolution and its aftermath (getting a little ahead of itself, the drama shows…

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