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Donald Trump and the Second Amendment

August 10, 2016


Trump says that Hillary Clinton “wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks… “although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.””

I once got into an extended debate with a hardcore NRA member.  The conversation was difficult, not least because I think she felt ethically contaminated by having to converse with someone degenerate enough to be cheerfully unarmed.

But certain key principles and beliefs did emerge from the discussion.  Firstly, I was confirmed in my pre-existing belief that the NRA has now gone far beyond defending the right to bear arms.  It is now an organisation with a profound contempt, even hatred, for unarmed people.  Unarmed people, according to hardcore NRA members, are lazy and cowardly.  By not wielding a gun they are refusing to exercise the full responsibilities of citizenship.  Unarmed people who are murdered partially deserve their own deaths.

Furthermore, these hardcore NRA members believe that the First and the Second Amendments are in the wrong order.  The Second Amendment is a precondition of the First Amendment and there can be no “freedom” to debate the nature of the right to bear arms because anybody who questions any aspect of that right hates freedom itself.  The ability to quickly and kill another human being is what makes any definition of freedom possible.  Accordingly, freedom of speech does not apply to those who would challenge the rights of gun ownership, the oxymoronic freedom to “debate” gun ownership does not exist.  Any “debate” on the issue should be forcibly repressed therefore.  Otherwise the USA risks becoming a slave state like Canada or those European countries where people aren’t really alive at all.

Furthermore, the NRA has become a wholly sufficient interpreter of the Second Amendment.  Constitutionally, a private gun club is now superior to the Supreme Court.  No informed judicial discussion of the eighteenth-century militia movement and its relevance to twenty-first century householders should be allowed to over-rule a defiant media appearance from Wayne LaPierre.  The NRA are the guardians of the freedom itself and anyone who challenges the NRA hates freedom and should themselves be denied freedom.  And a Supreme Court that includes even one Hillary Clinton appointee will have lost any constitutional legitimacy whatsoever.

Of course Trump can and will deny that he has goaded people into killing Hillary Clinton.  He is, among other things, a coward who sees no reason why he should ever defend any statement he has made for a moment longer than he finds convenient.

But when a candidate trailing badly in the polls reaches out so brazenly to people who do not believe that unarmed people have the right to outvote armed people, it is clear majoritarian democracy is being threatened.

Trump has sent out a message to people who believe that those with guns should never submit to people without guns.  He has also said that Clinton will abolish the Second Amendment.  Trump, of course, despises his own supporters and believes that they are stupid enough to believe that any President could do such a thing by executive fiat, or even by appointing a Supreme Court judge.  By frightening a bunch of people who are armed and dangerous into thinking that Clinton plans to castrate them by turning them into European style slaves – Trump has, without question, endangered the life of Hillary Clinton.

I fear for her safety.  Trump doesn’t care of course – because other people aren’t real to him.  Just objects for his gratification.


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