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Vacillation as Strength. Feuerbach, Kierkegaard, and Trump

July 28, 2016

ForFeuerbach’s Birthday…



There’s  residual association in the public imagination between consistency and strength.  Margaret Thatcher was regarded as a “strong leader” (unfortunately – I wish she’d had a few more debilitating vices) because she refused to U-turn.  The Lady was not for turning (unfortunately).

But it seems there’s a different definition of strength that’s based on exactly the opposite – on radical inconsistency.  Donald Trump can say he’s pro-torture and murdering families to get votes – then deny he’s pro torture when he’s told that he’s offending the first and defining principles of the US constitution, and then go all pro-torture again to get some more votes.  He’s made all sorts of political statements which pretty much contradict each other.


Well, this is where we need the theologians…

I was thinking of those Kierkegaard and Feuerbach, those opposed defining polls of nineteenth-century religious speculation.  Feuerbach developed a trajectory of secular morality…

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