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On this day in 1821, George IV’s unbelievably over the top coronation.

July 19, 2016



On this day in 1821, the least popular monarch in the whole Hanoverian Saxe-Coburg Gotha Windsor dynasty had his coronation.

Adjusted for inflation George IV’s coronation in may have been the most expensive coronation ever.  The bling, the glitz, the ermine and the trumpets added up to the most splendiferous concentration of pomp and circumstance Londoners had ever seen.  It had been sixty years since George III had his day out to the Abbey and few people could remember it.  In any case, honest octogenarians in 1821 would have conceded that the whole affair was far flashier than 1761 had been. George IV didn’t like the look of King Edward’s crown (not blingy enough), so he got himself crowned with a different one made largely of diamonds.  After the ceremony, it was off to Westminster Hall for the biggest slap up feed in the world ever (see pic).

George IV…

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