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Why hasn’t Boris Johnson challenged Matthew Parris to a Duel?

July 13, 2016

Time to repost this. AGAIN.



I suppose it’s the eighteenth-centuryist in me.  And, in essence, the eighteenth-centuryist is me.

But I did read Matthew Parris’ quite extraordinary attack on Boris Johnson when it came out, and so far nothing seems to have happened.  Now in my day (i.e., the eighteenth-century), people didn’t just take this kind of thing lying down.  In my day, such a serious and personal set of accusations required a response of some kind.  Silence implied guilt.

And here’s the article – yet again –

OK, I don’t actually expect these to fight a duel (though I lived in hope that the challenge issued by that Polish Count to Nigel Farage last year might have amounted to something).  I can’t get the idea of a duel out of my head though – the spectacle  of BoJo versus Parris has a kind of Viola versus Sir Andrew Aguecheek level of appeal to it…

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