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Donald’s Potted World History of Walls

July 10, 2016

On the anniversary of Hadrian’s death, Donald Trump’s potted history of walls.


trumpWall One.  Hadrian.

Back in the Second Century, the Roman Empire was in trouble.  BIG trouble.  And you wanna know what it was?  Shall I tell you?   Caledonians.  They were everywhere.  Caledonia was just pouring folks into the Empire.  And they  weren’t the GOOD Caledonians.  They weren’t sending the doctors and the engineers and the moral philosophers.  They were sending the bad ones – sheep stealers, soccer hooligans.  And drug dealers.  Like out of Trainspotting.

Now I’m not a racist.  I’m not a racist because I’m rich and powerful and words mean and don’t mean whatever the hell I want them to.  And I don’t hate Caledonia.   I went there to build a golf course and people there still love me for it.

But Rome in those days!  Caledonians everywhere, taking the jobs of good Italians.  The forum stank of deep-fried mars bars.  Caber tossing in the…

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