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Brexit and The Queen

June 26, 2016

My thoughts back in March…



The tabloids have recently been very concerned about what The Queen thinks about Brexit.

Now first and foremost I should say that I really don’t care.  Nobody’s opinion on this issue should be privileged, or even advertised, just because they happen to be descended from Electress Sophia of Hanover.   I should say from the outset that I care very much about the issue itself.  From a very selfish point of view, I care because I travel a great deal.  Also, I like being European – I mean – I’m proud of it.  Being European is a cherishable aspect of who I am.  And the many many problems with Europe seem to me to be grounds for reformation rather than divorce.  But others feel differently and have the right to campaign for their own point of view.  Brexiters may be wrong, in my view, but they are not necessarily bad…

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