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Well done “Brexiters” – Everybody else in the world now feels a bit better about themselves – thanks to you.

June 25, 2016


Day 2 of saying sorry to everybody in the world.

There is one last thing that Britain can do before it falls apart under the weight of its own monumental stupidity and hatred.

It can serve as a warning to others.

There is a sense in which Britain (writing sous rature seems appropriate from now on) has set a new standard for ignominious suicide.  There have been other nations over the many centuries of recorded history that have destroyed themselves – but never in such a petty and stupid way.  Nations have engaged in ruinous wars or fallen collapsed under the weight of ideological extremism and tyranny and/or anarchy.  But Britain is the nation that just turned off its brain and voted so as to ensure that its constituent parts could never again find any common purpose.  And it did so in response to fearful expectations that were based on proven lies.

Every nation on earth walks a little taller right now.  No matter how stupid and hateful their own politics – at least they’re not as stupid as Britain’s.   Britain, in its death throes, is now internationally regarded as just about the most stupid and worthless country that history has ever witnessed.  “At least we’re not British” is the compensatory sign of many people around the world right now.  “At least we have a bit of self respect”.

Of course there is anger as well as laughter.  The economic chaos inflicted by Britain‘s insanity will ruin lives for people around the world – people who thought they had nothing to do with Britain.

All that Britain can now do is stand as a warning.  A warning from history if you like, but a warning that some nations need to learn from in a matter of months rather than years.  Britain is what happens when you turn hatred and stupidity into political commodities too lucrative not to deploy.  Britain is what you get when you exploit gut prejudices and smother the truth.  Britain shows that when a nation turns its back on love, on common bonds of affection between humans, when it abandons respect for actual facts and refuses to acknowledge any kind of meditating truth, then it also abandons rational self interest, self respect,  and (as June 23rd demonstrates), it finally abandons the will to live.

If Britain can teach this lesson to a wider world then its current zombie prolongation will not be completely in vain.

In the meantime, I have to keep traveling the world.  I’m wondering if when folks hear my voice they won’t want to stand over me, unsure as to whether I should be allowed to use cutlery unsupervised.


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  1. NMac permalink

    Inly Day 2 and I feel a mixture of emotions, Anger, Frustration and Despair. Even saw some mindless Brexiteers celebrating yesterday with Union Flags wrapped around themselves. The irony of the situation regarding the flag which may soon be redundant was obviously too complicated for them to comprehend.

  2. Simon Horridge permalink

    You’re talking like it’s a zero sum game. What is bad for UK is not necessarily good for the rest of the world.

  3. I think it’s a bit harsh to cross Britain out… Britain hasn’t ceased to exist as a country to my knowledge

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