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Dear Everybody in the World. I am very Sorry.

June 24, 2016


Of course, I urged everybody I could to vote “Remain”.  My sadder and saner self tells me, of course, that I am a very insignificant and peripheral creature and that circulating stuff on social media is generally just the re-circulation of stuff among “like” minded people.  I did what I thought I could – but that was pathetically little.

I should have done more.

The UK has now voted to abandon reason and compassion and become a disgusting and wrong country.  I am British.  I feel like a very disgusting and wrong thing.  I feel contaminated.  When I travel the world, my voice will feel like a swastika.  I should probably change it.

I will have to become something else, for my family’s sake.  This will be difficult.  Not difficult legally, but difficult in terms of making a more fundamental transformation of character.   I have much to repudiate and much to atone for.

This atonement must be practical.  After Scotland has left, the TKK (Truncated Kingdom of Kickdown) will retain many fundamentally good people who need love.  The idea of Europe will need love.  And the idea of giving a damn about people who just happen to live a long way away from you will need a lot of love and support.

The most vulnerable people in the TKK are going to need a lot of support. A great many vicious racists feel jubilant and vindicated this morning – and when these people are happy they look for folks to kick.   Some protection is going to have to be improvised.

When Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister, world leaders are going to have to be alerted to the fact that the TKK leader is a congenital liar and should never be trusted about anything – ever.

There are a great many other things that will need to be done, but on this hateful morning, I can’t think of all of them.

But, dear Rest of the World, first of all you need to hear me say that I’m sorry.  Sorry for the very wrong thing that I have long been.  Which I am.


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  1. NMac permalink

    Conrad, I am disgusted that the campaign of hatred and racism has succeeded. I am sad that the people of Britain didn’t seem interested in the real arguments, but let themselves be swayed by meaningless slogans. It is a vistory for xenophobic, nationalistic racism.

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