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From Juniper to Paul McCartney and Wings – an associative thread.

June 18, 2016

Reblogging this for Macca’s birthday. Plus I like the word “In” right now.



Yesterday I learned that I am now great uncle to a little Canadian girl called Juniper. The name Juniper made me think of gin. This made me think about the idea of “Gin” as an actual name which in turn made me think of Paul McCartney’s aunt – the “Auntie Gin” who was one of a number of people “knocking on the door” in the context of Wings’ 1976 song “Let ‘Em In”. As a result, in the past 24 hours, “Let ‘Em In” has been playing in my head almost continually – interrupted only by other examples of 1970s post Beatles Paul McCartney songs.

And then I thought of the peculiar habit of denigrating Paul McCartney, which seems, blessedly, to be dying out. For sure, he’s immensely wealthy, which is always annoying – but his wealth derives from having written a great many songs which a great many people…

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