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Unwrapping Bloomsday Presence

June 16, 2016

For the day that’s in it…



I’ve never been a great one for memorabilia.  I collect books.  When I can afford them.  And I collect them only to read them.  I don’t even collect memorabilia from cultural phenomena that were made for memorabilia, like televisual science fiction.  If I like a book or a movie then I will read and/or watch the book and/or movie, sometimes over and over again.  But I will not collect action figures.  My life is cluttered enough already, thank you very much.

Now the sort of people who are dancing round Dublin in fancy dress today are wonderful people.  They are cultural ambassadors.  Their work is important.  But I won’t be joining them, because dressing up in 1904 costume adds nothing to my experience of the book.  Call me a snob if you like.

I can remember when I first read Joyce’s Ulysses.  I think it was when I was…

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