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No One Reviewed. I Love Brienne of Tarth

June 15, 2016


I’m a bit late with this one.  Sorry.

There’s something inexpressibly tedious about the idea of an honourable knight who always does the right thing.  Unless that honourable knight is Gwendoline Christie playing Brienne of Tarth.  She has, pretty much single handed, revivified and redignified the concept of chivalry for the twenty first century.   As Brienne tries and fails to find a solution to the siege of Riverrun (the most Joycean fortress name in the Game of Throne universe) that will extract the Tully army for the service of the Starks, the look of controlled pain on her face is heartbreaking. Worth the price of admission.

The siege of Riverrun has been a bit tedious – but hearing Jamie describe to his captive Tully exactly what he’s prepared to do “for love” was a bit special.  Viewers will recall that the first time he used the phrase “the things we do for love” was a split second before he threw Bran off the tower.

Elsewhere Bronn asks out loud the question some of us were privately (Bronn is good at doing that) – i.e. – has Brienne learned anything about Podrick’s legendary sexual prowess?  Of course she hasn’t.  What a thing to ask.

In other news, the Girl has managed to kill the Waif.  I’m not sure how – given that the Waif is the most efficient and relentless killing machine since the liquid metal cyborg from Terminator 2.  She even runs in a similar way.  Maybe Arya Stark will one day come back to the House of Black and White and pick up an honorary degree – or at least be allowed to repeat a few modules.  Perhaps she could pass by compensation.

The Mountain and the Hound have both been killing.  The Hound was hilarious, and The Mountain was the Mountain.  Unfortunately for Cersei, the sparrows have persuaded King Tommen  to do away with the practice of trial by combat, which was pretty much the ace up her sleeve.

The attempt by Tyrion to introduce humour to the city of Meereen is slow and painful and wonderful and is only unfortunately interrupted by returning slavers setting fire to the entire city.   But guess what – Mummy’s home and she’ll sort everything out.

We are on our way to a whopping great battle sequence – the battle for Winterfell between two bastards, Jon Snow the Christlike Bastard who has returned from the dead to redeem humanity and Ramsay Bolton Bastard, the Bastard of all Bastards.  Bring it on.   But somehow spare Ramsay for now.  I can’t lose Ramsay until I can see on the horizon the promise of someone I can hate just as much. And right now I can see no such individual.


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