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Any chance the EU would do individual memberships? An annual elective subscription? That kind of thing?

June 15, 2016


If we wake up in just over a week’s time to discover that the UK has voted to truncate and impoverish itself, a great many people – saddened and wounded by such a depressing and wrong decision – will want to know how to stay European.

So…  can’t the EU do individual memberships?

 The Daily Telegraph estimates the cost per UK citizen of EU subscription at around £200.

Fine.  But let’s say that half the people in the UK are dependents and bump it up to £400 per earning Brit.

Let the £4oo per annum entitle each customer to an EU passport and allow them to retain the right to live and work anywhere in the EU.

Or, more importantly, £400 a year just to be able to say

“I AM European.   I care about Europe.  I am proud of all that Europeans can do – and I want some of my money to be used to help re-energise some of the depressed regions of Europe – because if they are made happier – so am I.”

Now this is no substitute for national membership.  This will not compensate for Britain’s isolation from European decision making and Britain’s disqualification from EU investments and Britain’s exclusion from the EU internal free market.  Scotland will demand another referendum and UK will soon be over anyway.  Its successor state, the TKK (Truncated Kingdom of Kickdown) will not offer an acceptable version of being human in the world.

As many people find themselves wanting to transition, they will I think embrace the chance to pay £400 a year for a passport that bespeaks a desire to be part of something bigger than they are.  And  maybe the EU could throw in a tee shirt with “Proud Elective European” on it.

£35 a month – paid ideally by direct debit.  £35 a month will be good for the soul.  I know it would be good for my soul.

As it happens, my Irish Citizenship application is being processed, and will ultimately prove successful.  But even so, I would still pay £35 a month to reinforce this “elective individual EU citizenship” status, just as a statement of necessary apology and atonement for the short sighted and selfish decision that my natal country will have made.


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  1. NMac permalink

    I too feel saddened and depressed at the prospect of the country leaving the EU. Myself and all my family feel we are Europeans and dearly want to stay part of the European partnership.

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