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The American Civil War Ended 151 Years Ago Today – as good an anniversary as any.

May 26, 2016



The American Civil War (USA-CSA War,  “War of Northern Aggression”? etc. etc.) did not have one all defining end date.

There are various options and various 151st anniversaries which have come and gone and which are currently going…

Capture of Confederate Capital Richmond?    3 April 1865

Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox?   9 April 1865?

Dissolution of Confederate Government? 5 May 1865?

Arrest of Jefferson Davis?  10 May 1865?

President Johnson’s proclamation of peace?  20 August 1865

Surrender of the CSS Shenandoah?  6 November 1865

But f you consider that the KKK constituted a militarized rebellion against the Federal government then the Civil War lasted for much much longer.  If you decide that the war wasn’t over until everyone acknowledged the legitimate majoritarian authority of the Federal government to regulate southern society – then it’s still not over.

The Appomattox Surrender was the most elegant of the surrenders, and had…

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